Inspecting poles to ensure reliable service

Posted on Apr 05 2022 in Clark County REMC
Jason Clemmons

Spring is finally here! The weather is getting warmer, and as part of our commitment to providing reliable electric service to every member, REMC will be inspecting poles, service lines and other electrical equipment. This proactive approach saves us money and increases our reliability. In 2021, REMC members had power for 99.98% of the time, which averages out to less than two total hours of power outages per member for the entire year. We are very proud of that accomplishment, but it doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful planning and hard work. Regular equipment inspection is part of that process.

Utility pole inspections play a major role in prolonging a pole’s service life. If the pole is defective, we will replace it as soon as we can, preventing an outage and keeping your neighborhoods safe.

If you have a transformer in your yard (big green box), please take time before the growth of spring to make sure there are no shrubs, plants or other foliage anywhere near it. Doing so helps prevent outages, shortens restoration times, and keeps our linemen safe when they need to access electrical equipment. 

We also have an excellent vegetation management program that strategically removes trees that may cause outages and keeps areas clear so that we aren’t fighting the same battles over and over again. If you see an area where trees may pose a hazard to your electrical system, give us a call. 

We work hard to always put our members first. Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation as we keep your electric grid in excellent shape.

This month, we debut a Q&A feature to acquaint you with your REMC team.

Q&A with CEO Jason Clemmons

Where are you originally from? 

Rushville, Indiana

What was your college major?

I received a bachelor of science degree in psychology and counseling from Ball State University.

What are your hobbies? 

Boating, riding side-by-sides, and spending time with my wife, three daughters, and two grandsons.

What’s your co-op experience

I spent the past 18 years working at another electric co-op, RushShelby Energy, where I began as manager of member services and worked my way up to the vice president of marketing and member services. 

What drives you?

I’m passionate about electric cooperatives and live and breathe the seven cooperative principles which are the backbone of our industry. I just believe the cooperative way is the better way of doing business. I enjoy going home at the end of the day, knowing we did everything we could to take care of our members, meet their needs, answer their questions and be present for them. REMC members own this cooperative and pay all our salaries. I am determined to never take that for granted.