In the swim

Beat the summer heat with a dip in the pool and some cool tools to keep you happily afloat.

Posted on Jul 01 2017 in Product Picks

By Jane Cannon

Just in Case

If you must have your mobile in or out of the pool, consider the Lifeproof Nuud + Alpha Glass Bundle. Waterproof cell casing protects front and back, and custom glass shields the screen. $140.


Water Wheels

You won’t win a race by pedaling the Aquatic Bike in the pool, but the resistance and buoyancy of the water provide a high-intensity, aerobic cardio workout with less joint stress. $2,500.


Have a Seat

Turn your pool into a glowing, underwater living room with LED Pool Stools. Remote-controlled LED lights provide an array of colors, and a secure sand base keeps the bar stool firmly anchored. $239.


Call You Flipper

The SeaDoo’s SeaScooter Aqua Dolphin, a compact, pool-use watercraft, will have you gliding for  more than an hour on a rechargeable battery. There’s even a camera mount to record aquatic action. $200.


Mr. Roboto

Why spend precious pool hours scrubbing grime? The SmartPool Scrubber 60 Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner will scour your in-ground pool’s floor, walls, waterline and steps while you work on your tan. $675.


Digital Dive

Capture underwater action and wrinkled selfies with the Lumix Active Lifestyle Tough Camera. Waterproof to 26 feet and shock-proof, it does double duty as a still camera and a video recorder. $180.