Important announcement about your electric cooperative

Posted on Jan 30 2018 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Dear Member:

Your cooperative works diligently every day to meet the needs of our members and our communities. This is not a new philosophy. It actually dates back to when your cooperative was incorporated in 1939. Through collaboration and the use of joint resources, visionary leaders in the community made rural electrification a reality. We are still encouraged that through cooperation with other entities we can create efficiencies and keep energy costs as low as possible for the membership. Over 75 years later, your not-for-profit cooperative has found an opportunity to do just that.

Recently, Kankakee Valley REMC (Wanatah) and Jasper County REMC (Rensselaer), both not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives, began exploring the possibility of combining our two companies. For years, we have worked together during storms, and shared intellectual and technical experience, equipment and supplies. Now, we are researching ways to expand this successful relationship even further to benefit both memberships.

One of the seven cooperative principles that guides us is “Cooperation Among Cooperatives.” We anticipate that by joining two strong cooperatives, we can improve service to our members while maintaining our positive local presence.

At this time, your locally-elected board of directors and the cooperative management team is conducting a thorough evaluation to determine benefits and concerns relating to the financial and operational growth of a combined cooperative. Your cooperative wants to meet, and exceed, the growing needs of our members. Exploring this opportunity is a natural next step to achieving that goal.

We will keep you informed each step of the way throughout this process that is shown in our infographic. Please continue to read my article on page 5 of your monthly Electric Consumer magazine and visit our Facebook page for updates.



Dennis C. Weiss