Ice Storm Mutual Aid

Clark county remc helps restore power in kentucky and virginia

Posted on Apr 03 2021 in Clark County REMC
Clark Co. REMC linemen
Linemen from Clark County REMC assisted in restoring power in Kentucky and Virginia following an ice storm that hit the two states.

Clark County REMC linemen Jerry Applegate, Clay Willis, Nathan Clayton and Cody Christianson were among the over three dozen Indiana electric cooperative linemen who helped restore power in Kentucky and Virginia following crippling ice storms in February.

The team from Clark County REMC was among the group assigned to Rappahannock Electric Cooperative which serves 170,000 meters in portions of 22 Virginia counties. The cooperative’s massive service territory spans the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay.

Helping our sister cooperatives rebuild lines and restore power when disaster strikes is nothing new for electric cooperatives. “Every cooperative in the Indiana Electric Cooperatives family is an integral part of a state and national network of hundreds of fellow cooperatives. We take care of emergency needs at home first, but our crews are eager to help those in need,” Jon Elkins, vice president of training and compliance for Indiana Electric Cooperatives. IEC is the service association for the state’s electric cooperatives, including Clark County REMC. “They take a tremendous amount of pride in representing their home cooperative and the state of Indiana. They represent us well with how hard, professionally and safely they work.

“It is incumbent upon us to work together and help one another in times of disaster, to make sure our power delivery systems are repaired as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible,” Elkins said.