I want to say thank you

Posted on Nov 04 2022 in Clark County REMC
Jason Clemmons

Typically, the monthly CEO article is a place to talk about new programs or issues that matter to co-op members. 

But for November, I want to pause and focus on something that matters more to me than any headline or company announcement. I want to say thank you. 

Why am I thankful? There aren’t enough pages in this magazine to describe my gratitude for what this co-op means to me, but I’ll highlight one recent event that touched my heart in a special way.

A few months ago, Fourth-Year Apprentice Lineman Cody Christianson, as part of his leadership development program, proposed that REMC employees spend one day serving the community by helping clean and repair the facilities at Tunnel Mill Scout Reservation in Charlestown.

Co-ops all over the state plan similar projects each year for Community Service Day, and this seemed like a great idea so I encouraged him to run with it. And wow, did he run! 

The initial plan was to let a few dozen employees clear brush, trim branches, and paint a few buildings in need of some TLC. By Oct. 14, we got to participate in an all-out camp renovation, powered by 75 volunteers, 500 man-hours, and more than a dozen businesses donating over $10,000 in materials and labor! 

Cody did an amazing job putting together this day of service, taking it from a simple service project to something I’ll cherish the rest of my life. Make sure you check out pictures of this incredible day on pages 25 and 26.

There is nothing as satisfying as a hard day’s work serving your community, and I am so thankful to be able to serve alongside my cooperative family.