How to stay on track with your fitness routine — even if you’re short on time

Posted on Jan 24 2022 in Features
Couple working out

  1. Make an “Appointment:”‘Schedule your exercise as you would a meeting or a social engagement — and keep the appointment. It’s even easier if you are part of a regular exercise/fitness class.
  2. Have a Plan B: If something thwarts your best intentions, have a backup plan. For example, tell yourself, “Tomorrow I will walk at 4 p.m., but if something comes up at the last minute that prevents that from happening, I’ll go to the gym at 6:30 p.m.”
  3. Sneak It In: If your exercise routine gets derailed, try other ways to sneak in some extra steps. Park as far away as you can from the office or the grocery store, take a few extra laps around the mall when you’re out shopping, or use the stairs instead of an elevator whenever you can. 
  4. Break Up Your Workout: Experts tell us we should get at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week to reap benefits. If necessary, segment your workout into three 10-minute sessions that you can squeeze in each morning, noon and evening.
  5. Use “Downtime:” Does your nightly or weekend routine include dropping off your kids at their various practices and activities? While you’re waiting to pick them up, walk around the neighborhood or sneak off to the gym.
  6. Work Out at Home: When time is tight, don’t waste it driving to the gym. Stay put and dust off the stationary bike or treadmill or watch a workout video on your computer.
  7. Enlist a Workout Buddy: Invite your friends and family to join in your exercise plans. You can spend time talking with them while getting your workout in.
  8. Set Realistic Goals: Instead of working out five times per week, sometimes you may have to settle for three. But that’s OK. Those who set realistic goals are more apt to stick with exercising than those who set loftier goals.