How to make your child’s first day of school easier

Posted on Aug 04 2023 in Features, Steuben County REMC
Girl getting on school bus

Many children get nervous about new situations, including changing to a different school, classroom or teacher. Here are some ideas to help ensure that kids have as easy a transition back to class as possible.


Consider starting your child on their school sleep/wake schedule at least a week ahead of time so that waking up is not an additional source of stress when a new semester starts.  


If your child seems nervous about going back to school, take them to visit their new classroom before their first day. You can also ask them what they are worried about and help them come up with ideas on how to address each possible situation.


Point out the positive aspects of starting school to help your child look forward to the first day of class. For example, you can talk about how they will see old friends and hopefully also meet new ones.


Find another child in the neighborhood that your child can walk with to school or sit next to on the bus.


In case of an emergency, be sure that your child knows his or her address and telephone number, along with the phone number of another trusted adult.  


 If you feel it is needed, drive your child (or walk with them) to school and pick them up on the first day — and try to get there early to cut down on unnecessary stress.