How smart is your meter?

Posted on Jan 07 2022 in Noble REMC
Smart meter

The enhanced data collection and analysis and two-way communication of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) opened many new doors. Although its use by Noble REMC continues to evolve, at a broad level, AMI enables opportunities that support grid operation and member service.

Operational Benefit

From an operational perspective, AMI can greatly reduce truck and personnel dispatches, as co-op representatives no longer need to visit member sites for meter-reading and connect/disconnect procedures — these can be performed remotely. Expenses and employees previously devoted to these tasks can instead be redirected to other uses and functions.

AMI is also a boon to outage detection and response. It allows us to get to the outage before you even know you’re without power. This is especially true in the middle of the night — so if you wake up without power, look for our Noble REMC trucks and linemen to be on your property!

In addition, the technology can help us determine whether an outage is originating from our end or from a member location. And when making repairs, REMC employees no longer need to drive by lines to verify restorations; instead, they can ping meters along the lines to ensure that homes and businesses have their power back. 

Member Benefits

AMI has several capabilities that can benefit member service and allow for more tailored support, products, programs and communication. 

For example, the enhanced information it provides can be used to better analyze member use data and explore irregularities. If there appears to be an issue, we can notify the member and work to identify the problem. Additionally, members can receive information about their energy use through our SmartHub app, which can help you make more informed decisions about your consumption.