How can we better serve you?

Posted on Jun 26 2018 in Steuben County REMC

Kevin Keiser

It’s amazing what we learn through listening and observation. 

New products and services are more likely to gain the satisfaction of consumers when their introduction follows market research. 

Here at Steuben County REMC, we’ve provided members like you with a mobile application, enabling you to check the status of your electric service, and receive real-time updates on energy use.

Steuben County REMC members are using the app to conduct routine business with us, like online bill payments, arranging service transfers and viewing real-time outage updates. Over 60 percent of our members have downloaded our SmartHub app since we launched it in 2015, giving them access to their electric use like never before. We also have 1,217 paperless billing members. 

These mobile services are just new ways of connecting with people, like the member services representatives you reach when you call us or who greet you from behind the counters at our office. They help us offer quality services you expect us to provide. 

Our goal is to find ways to help you control energy costs. That’s why we communicate with you about energy prices and ways we can work together to help ease the burdens on your wallet. 

Coming off the heels of our Annual Meeting and Member Appreciation Day at the end of June, the REMC is poised to receive your feedback. We work for you, and if you were unable to provide us with your comments and concerns at the meeting, we welcome you to contact the office to let us know how we can improve your member experience. We’re here to listen; listening improves understanding, builds trust, strengthens relationships and fosters cooperation. It’s also crucial to collaboration and success.  

That’s why Steuben County REMC still loves face time with our members. Our annual meeting is a social event for our whole co-op family. So, thank you to all of you who made it to our annual event last month; we appreciate seeing your smiling faces!

So, how do we serve you better in 2018? The same way many of us try to serve our community, society and family better each day — by listening. In our offices, on telephones, through social media exchanges and in our face-to-face meetings, we’re ready to listen.  

When you have questions about energy efficiency, electrical service or any of our products or services, just ask us. When we know just what you want, we’re in a better position to deliver successful results. So, drop in and see us. We’re always glad to hear from you.