How do appliances affect your bill?

Posted on Jun 29 2016 in Kankakee Valley REMC


There are many things in and around the house using electricity. Some of those things are, what we would call, necessities and others are lifestyle choices.

It is good practice to be aware of how different appliances might affect your monthly bill. All appliances use different amounts of energy.

When I work with a member to reduce his/her kWh usage and thus lower his/her monthly bill, I make note of the electrical appliances in the house and research the usage rating of each appliance. I then ask questions to help figure out the habits and lifestyles of the occupants of the house to calculate the kWh usage.

In the winter months, or what is also referred to as the “heating season,” some of the appliances that could cause a rise in kWh usage are space heaters, seasonal lighting, humidifiers and increased use of lighting due to the shortage of daylight.

Central Air Conditioning unit outside home near grassIn the summer months, or what is also referred to as the “cooling season,” some of the appliances that could cause usage to rise are window air conditioners, swimming pool pumps, garden pond aerators, central air conditioning units and dehumidifiers.

For instance, a standard 1,500-watt pool pump running at eight hours per day can add 12 kWh per day or approximately $1.20 a day to your bill. When totaling up the usage for the month, it would come out to 366 kWhs or $36.60.

The months of October and November in the fall and April and May in the spring are often referred to as “baseload months.” These are the times of the year where not much heating or cooling is needed and pool pumps or other seasonal load is not being used. The first bills after these baseload months usually cause the homeowner to wonder what caused the big increase to their energy use, resulting in a higher monthly bill.  The change is because of the appliances that are running during the heating or cooling season and not during baseload months.

Not everyone has a swimming pool, ornamental pond, or even air conditioning. Just be aware of things that you might not realize are causing elevated usage when you receive your next bill.

If you think something might not be correct with your usage, you can always contact me with your concerns at I would be happy to visit your home and complete an energy assessment to help you maintain comfort and efficiency in your home.

DARRELL MARKS is the energy advisor at Kankakee Valley REMC.