How creepy is your refrigerator?

Posted on Sep 29 2019 in Steuben County REMC

What’s inside your refrigerator might be the scariest thing you see this Halloween. 

Oct. 30 is Haunted Refrigerator Night, and it’s a great time to clean your ’fridge — all the way to the backs of the shelves. 

Unplug the appliance, pull it away from the wall, and use soap, white vinegar and water to scrub the shelves and soak the bins. Dry them thoroughly before replacing them. 

To sanitize the appliance, wipe it down — inside and out — with a mixture of water, chlorine bleach, baking soda and borax. 

And do it often — not just on Halloween. A clean refrigerator will run more efficiently than one full of spills, grime and even mildew. 

Some more tips: 

Use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush to clean the coils located on the back of the refrigerator once a year. 

Slip your vacuum cleaner hose attachment under the refrigerator to clean the condenser coils. If it won’t fit, stretch a rubber band around an old sock and attach it to the end of a yardstick. Slide the stick under the refrigerator to clean the condenser coils 

And while you’re giving the refrigerator a once-over, check the gasket (the soft plastic piece that seals the door to the body of the refrigerator) for gaps and improper fit. A trick: Place a dollar bill between the gasket and the door. Close the door and tug on the dollar. If it doesn’t drag as you pull it out, the gasket may be worn. Replace it. 

When you’re finished with the slimy chore, plug the refrigerator back in. Leave space between the coils and the wall to allow for air flow. 

Keep the refrigerator away from heating vents, windows and the stove. The extra heat requires the unit to spend more energy to cool food.