Hot house? Find out why

Posted on Jun 24 2022 in Features, Heartland REMC
Insulation in an attic
Tue insulation in your attic could be contributing to a hot house.

If your house is too warm and your energy bills are too high, don’t guess why. Have a pro figure it out before you invest a lot of money in updating your air conditioning unit or replacing your drafty windows. 

Those big-ticket items could be contributing to the problem, but they’re probably not the core of the problem. 

In fact, the insulation in your attic could be the culprit. It’s often the first thing you should replace when your home starts feeling uncomfortable during warm weather. 

How will you know? Many electric cooperatives have someone on staff who can perform energy audits.

The energy expert will study your home’s “envelope” — the walls, ceiling and floors —using digital pressure gauges, huge fans and possibly an infrared camera. These tools reveal the tiny holes and crevices that are letting the sweltering summer air sneak into your air-conditioned home. They also show where the insulation in your walls and attic is either missing, out of place or not thick enough.

Once your home’s insulation is working as it should, you might find that your home feels more comfortable and your energy bills are lower.