Honoring the service of our linemen

Posted on Apr 08 2024 in Clark County REMC
Jason Clemmons
Jason Clemmons

April is special for many reasons. It’s the first full month of spring. On April 13, hundreds of members will gather for our 85th anniversary at our Jamboree. And it’s also the month when we honor the heart and soul of our cooperative: our linemen!

The job of a lineman is one of the most difficult in the country, ranking in the top 10 for most dangerous jobs in America. Yet without our linemen, we wouldn’t have reliable electricity, a feature of modern life that’s become as essential to our health and safety as water. Look at page 7 for an article about the life of a lineman from our own Kevin Crouse.

How can you show appreciation for the work our linemen do to keep the lights on? We love the notes you send and your kind words on social media, but the best way you can show appreciation for our linemen is to keep yourself and your neighbors safe around electricity. If you ever see broken utility poles or power lines on the ground, call REMC immediately and stay far away from the wires. Do not attempt to clear the road of limbs or debris, as live power lines may be hidden from view. While you wait for REMC crews to arrive, keep your neighbors and any other emergency responders safe by instructing them to stay clear as well.

Being a lineman is a tough job, but they know what they signed up for and are proud to serve their community. Let’s show our thanks by making sure their worst day is only a power outage and never a tragic contact with high-voltage electricity.