Home seminar: April 26 and 27

Posted on Mar 28 2017 in Clark County REMC

Clark County REMC is a great resource for building energy-efficient homes.

If your in the market to buy or build a home, or you’re ready to remodel your present home, attend one of the REMC’s FREE Touchstone Energy Home Seminars. You’ll learn great ways to save money through energy-efficient construction techniquest.

All seminars are held in the REMC community room located at the Clark County REMC office, 7810 State Road 60, Sellersburg.

Seminars are held on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Wednesday’s session:

Foundations, basements, crawl spaces, radon strategies, framing, windows, doors and caulking.

Thursday’s session:

Insulation and strategies, heating and cooling systems, duct work, water heating strategies, fireplaces and lighting.

Reserve your seat today! Call us during business hours or send us an email to let us know you will be attending ccremc@theremc.net.