Highlights of March 22 board meeting

Posted on Apr 21 2017 in Southern Indiana Power

In an effort to keep you informed of your cooperative’s operations and activities, the following are highlights of the Feb. 22 board meeting.

  1. All directors were present, along with CEO Steve Seibert and Administrative Assistant Lisa Hinton. Also present were Accountant Amy Ramsey and Joe Boesing, CPA with Monroe Shine.
  2. The Feb. 22 board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
  3. The membership certificates and vouchers were reviewed and approved.
  4. Seibert reviewed the Hoosier Energy wholesale power cost tracker effective April 1. No changes to members’ rates are anticipated at this time.
  5. As the first item of new business, Boesing reviewed the 2016 audit report.  The board approved the 2016 audit report as presented.
  6. The CEO report was presented with Seibert reporting the following items:
    a. Seibert updated the board on the city of Tell City’s proposed annexation.
    b. Seibert reported on the media buy Hoosier Energy and Southern Indiana Power coordinated. It includes TV, newspaper and radio advertisements.
    c. Seibert reviewed the 2017 Cooperatives ONE financial report.
    d. Seibert reported the EAP moratorium ended March 15.
    e. Seibert reported on Project Indiana. Southern Indiana Power Journeyman Lineman Travis Goffinet participated March 12-27.
    f. Seibert reported April 10 is National Lineman Appreciation Day and April 26 is National Administrative Professionals’ Day.
    g. Seibert updated directors on upcoming annual meeting dates of neighboring co-ops.
    h. Seibert reported the following meeting dates: PCDC Annual Meeting — April 6, Southern Indiana Power Annual Meeting — April 18, NRECA Legislative Conference — April 23-25.
  7. Seibert reviewed 2016-2017 strategic plan action plans.
  8. A motion was made, seconded and carried by the board to approve the 2016 capital credit allocations as presented by Seibert.
  9. A motion was made, seconded and carried by the board to approve the retirement of capital credit allocations in 2017 for the years of 1990-1992.
  10. Director Gary Waninger reported on an Operation Round Up board of trustees meeting held March 15. Grant and scholarship applications were reviewed; $15,220 in grants and $2,000 in scholarships will be funded.
  11. Seibert presented a Youth Tour committee report. Youth Tour attendees will be Elizabeth Dauby of Perry Central, Kylie Shourds of South Spencer, and Kyla Dilger of Heritage Hills. Touchstone Energy Camp attendees will be Cayden Lamon, Aidan Kotecki, Caleb Hubert, Chase Hubert and Dylan Lynch, all of Perry County.
  12. Terry Adkins, senior loss control/risk management specialist with Indiana Electric Cooperatives, conducted hazard recognition and line patrol and trouble shooting training on March 8. Seibert advised there were no lost time accidents and no public liability claims to report.
  13. Chairman Jeff Vogel reported on the NRECA annual meeting held Feb. 27- March 1.
  14. Waninger reported on the NRUCFC annual meeting held in conjunction with the NRECA annual meeting.
  15. The next two regularly scheduled board of directors meetings will be held Wednesday, April 26, and Wednesday, May 31.