Highlighting the cooperative principles


Two of the Seven Cooperative Principles are highlighted in this month’s magazine: Education, Training, and Information,  and Concern for Community.

“Education, Training, and Information” simply says Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative will provide training for members, elected officials, managers, and employees to help them further the goals of the cooperative. “Concern for Community” says the cooperative will work toward the sustainable development of the communities we serve.

Our Annual Meeting, held in March every year, is a good example of the Education, Training, and Information principle in action. During the meeting, members receive detailed information from their elected trustees and cooperative managers. This information and the meeting itself is designed to educate and inform the membership on the financial condition of the cooperative. The cooperative’s future is discussed, and general information is available to the membership about all areas of PPEC’s  operations.

This May issue highlights some of our exceptional local students. PPEC’s Youth Tour and scholarship programs are a great example of both the principles mentioned. Obviously, the scholarship program and Youth Tour cover the education principle, but they also fulfill our concern for community by helping the next generation of leaders to succeed in their endeavors.

Helping our young students learn and grow strengthens our communities. PPEC has a long history of supporting our students through the scholarship program, and this year is no different — many outstanding students were recognized.

The Seven Cooperative Principles are important in guiding PPEC. They give us a visible foundation to serve our communities. We have some examples of these two principles in action in this month’s local pages, and I hope all the members recognize the importance of supporting the cooperative principles in all we do.

GEORGE CARTER is president and CEO of Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative.