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Cooperative career profile: Vicki Hollis, Customer Service Representative at Boone REMC

Posted on Sep 19 2018 in Features

Top 3

responsibilities in a day

  1. Greet the consumers — either on phone or in person. I’m the first one they’ll see or speak with.
  2. Answer questions. Many are general, but it’s my job to help consumers problem solve.
  3. Electric service requests. Starting, stopping or transfering service —
    I process them all. 

What type of background did you need for this position? 

It was important for me to have a background in customer service, and we have opportunities for additional training at the cooperative.

What part of your job is most fulfilling? 

My favorite part of the job is talking with the consumers and helping them find the answers they are seeking. Every person has a story, and it is fun to get to know some of them.

How would you describe working for a cooperative? 

We take pride that we’re owned by the consumers we serve. It is important to us to look out for the consumers and really listen if they have a suggestion or concern.

Do you see opportunity for growth at the cooperative? 

Regardless of what position a person is in, there is always room for growth. As technology changes, so does the way we do our jobs. The opportunity always exists. We just need to be willing to take it.

Have you had to master new skills?

Yes. Several of my responsibilities require industry-specific skills. It is a constant education process. I have had to learn to analyze a person’s electric use to see if something is out of the ordinary. I also need to remain aware of any changes in the industry that could affect the way I do my job.

What’s the best part of your job? 

The kind and caring consumers and the people I work with. I look forward to coming to work every day and not many get to say that. 


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