Helping you save

Posted on Jun 22 2017 in Kankakee Valley REMC

KVREMC Energy Advisor Darrell Marks performs an energy assessment, including a check for air leaks around windows, on a member’s home.

Have you wondered why your electric cooperative would promote energy savings techniques and rebates for using less energy?

Some might think this is a bad business decision. The sale of energy each month is the center of our existence. The reality is: The cornerstone to our organization is looking out for our members. Saving energy saves money for our members and helps our environment. Everyone wins.

Saving energy starts with knowing where you are using it and how much you are using. Through the multiple energy programs offered through the REMC, members can live comfortably knowing they are saving energy and money on their electric bill each month. Heard about our energy assessments — but been skeptical of calling us?
Here’s a typical member’s experience as told to us … a simple step that produces monthly and yearly savings …

How did that guy shrink my bill?

I still don’t know what to think of it. When he came in, he told me his name was Darrell Marks, and then he started asking me a lot of questions.

Home assessment

First, he wanted to know if I felt comfortable in my house, and if there were any rooms that were too hot, too cold, or drafty. What was that all about? Does he want to buy my house or something? He talked about my electric use as well. I told him I thought it was too high, and he said we would look into it and see if we could lower it. That seemed a little odd, since he works for the REMC.

Next, Darrell went all through my house, even into my crawlspace and attic. He used tools that measured temperatures and he showed me places where I needed to caulk and add insulation. He showed me where I was wasting electricity, like all those power strips I kept plugged in and that space heater in the garage. I didn’t realize how much that cost me each month!


Then Darrell told me about KVREMC’s POWER MOVES® program. I can get cash rebates if I replace certain old heating and cooling equipment with models that use less electricity. And if I switch out my old lightbulbs and put in something called ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs, he said I could save more than $250 in lifetime electric costs per bulb, because they use a lot less electricity and last longer. Plus, he said the REMC sells the bulbs at their office, or that they would mail me a cash rebate if I buy the bulbs at the store. They’re giving away money so I use less electricity? How crazy is that?

And it was free

That was last fall. I took his advice, and couldn’t get over how much smaller my electric bills have been. So I’m saving money every month. And here’s the crazy thing: the REMC didn’t even charge me for having him come out. I’m telling you, call KVREMC at 800-552-2622 and have him come look at your house.