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Local organizations receive Operation Round Up grants

Posted on May 25 2017 in Marshall County REMC

From left, Tony Gamble, Lesley Langfeldt, Diana Caban and Gwen Demont Calvert accept Freedom Park’s Operation Round Up grant.

On April 25, the Marshall County REMC Operation Round Up board awarded five grants, totaling $5,000, to the following organizations:

  • Freedom Park received funding to assist with the purchase of a variety of swings for the park. Freedom Park’s mission is to build a playground where differences disappear and children share experiences with their peers, while exploring and learning at their own ability.
  • Heminger House received funding to assist with the purchase of a new gas range stove and a new door. Heminger House is committed to empowering victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Its mission is to break the cycle of violence and poverty by providing a caring, healing and educational service for victims of abuse, including safe emergency housing and related programs.
  • Marshall County 4-H Shooting Sports Club

    From left, Ron Thomas, Nicole Oginsky, John Lampkins, Robin Kaser, Jeanie Stidams, Sandy Robertson and Jess Fisher of the Union North Ambulance accept the Operation Round Up grant.

    received funding to help offset dues paid by the participants. The Marshall County 4-H Shooting Sports Club provides instruction on shooting sports safety, as well as a fun environment for kids to learn and improve their skills.

  • Union North Ambulance received funding for the purchase of a sked rescue stretcher. The Union North Ambulance serves the community and anyone who visits in emergency situations.
  • The Yellow River Festival received funding to purchase reusable informational/directional road signs and banners. The Yellow River Festival of Marshall County helps to raise awareness of the cultural diversity of the county and shares the history of the founding families of the county.

Thank you to those members who participate in Operation Round Up and to the Marshall County Community Foundation for making these donations possible. You have helped donate more than $75,000 to organizations in the community!

Interested in applying for an Operation Round Up grant?  

Contact the Marshall County REMC office or visit our website,, for more information.