Helping others is the co-op way

One of the many benefits of being a co-op member

Posted on Nov 28 2016 in Southern Indiana Power


As some of you might know, cooperatives across the globe adhere to the same seven cooperative principles that guide all of our decisions from how we run the co-op to how we engage with our local communities. Concern for community is the seventh principle, and it is one that all employees of Southern Indiana Power value year round. But during the holiday season, concern for community seems especially important.

Electric cooperatives have a proud history of giving back. You can see a recap of our recent community projects on page 8. Southern Indiana Power members help us give back, too. Through the Operation Round Up® program, members can round up their energy bills to the next dollar amount, and the extra change helps those in need, right here in our community.

Our commitment is also global. We have donated equipment and sent linemen overseas so they can help bring power to thousands of people who have never experienced the benefits of electricity.

So many families go without the essentials on a daily basis and struggle to make ends meet. This struggle can be especially hard during the holiday season.

There are many ways you can give back to the community that go beyond dollar donations. Take some time to go through your closets and find clothes that no longer fit or have lost their use. Bag those items up and take them to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or church clothing drive. Volunteer for a local food or toy drive, deliver meals to the sick and the elderly or simply make a meal for a neighbor in need.

No matter how great or small the act, every time we give back, we strengthen our community. So take the time to give back this holiday season. You’ll be glad you did.

STEVE SEIBERT is president/CEO of Southern Indiana Power.