HEATS graduates add value to Harrison REMC

Posted on Dec 19 2016 in Harrison REMC



Harrison REMC is always working to provide the best service possible to members. Accomplishing that goal includes continuous training for our skilled professionals.

We are proud to announce that two employees recently graduated from the Hoosier Energy Apprenticeship Training and Safety (HEATS) program. Graduates in the 37th class include line workers, substation mechanics and meter-relay technicians.

The ceremony for the 2016 class was held on Nov. 4 at the French Lick Resort.

Twenty-seven participants in the program received diplomas, including Meter Technician Brandon Gentry and Lineman Glenn Reas who completed the meter program. Gentry completed 8,000 hours of on-the-job training, which is required for his position. Both also completed more than 500 hours of classroom instruction.

“When we hear the term ‘skilled labor,’ we sometimes don’t always know what that means,” said David Lett, CEO of Harrison REMC. “For HEATS graduates, it means specialized training in their respective field to learn more in order to provide the best service possible for their co-op members.”

Operations/Construction Manager Jim Walter commends Gentry and Reas: “Their commitment to advanced technical training benefits the co-op, which in turn benefits the membership.”

As part of the HEATS program through a partnership with Ivy Tech, these apprentices participate in an academic program, which earns them an associate’s degree.