Harvest season: Time to keep safety in mind

Posted on Sep 20 2018 in Fulton County REMC

As summer draws to a close, harvest season is quickly drawing near. When tractor, augers, combines and wagons take to the fields, it usually results in anxiety, hyperactivity and sleepless nights from farming families in this area of the country. But, please don’t forget safety.

Each fall, farm-related accidents injure children and adults. Most of these accidents could be avoided if more attention was paid to safety. Children are particularly at risk because many of them do not understand the dangerous nature of the equipment around them.

Auger blades, PTO shafts, and combine heads don’t seem threatening to a child who has been around them all of his or her life. Often that realization comes when its is too late.

The same is true form many adults who simply overlook these dangers because of years of work with no injuries.

Power lines present an additional hazard when augers and other implements are being transported down roads, through side ditches, and into fields. Always be certain that augers are cranked down to a height that is clear of the lines before proceeding into a field or out onto the road.

When an accident occurs, time is of great importance. Dial 911 immediately. Keep the following information near the phone: the homeowner’s name, the address and detailed directions to the home or land where you are working. The 911 operator will need all of this information.

CPR training is another excellent precautionary, measure. In the event of an emergency, CPR can be the difference between life and death. Contact the hospital nearest you for information and dates of CPR training.

Although extra safety precautions may take a bit more time and effort, the minutes saved could mean the difference in the life of a loved on. Take the time to plan ahead to be safe!

May everyone enjoy a plentiful, successful and safe harvest season!