Happy Snowman

Make your own snowman without bracing the cold.

Posted on Jan 01 2017 in For Youth, Kids Projects

What you need:

  • Craft glue or a low-temperature hot glue gun
  • Two white pom poms (We used a 1.5-inch and a 2.5-inch pom pom for each snowman.)
  • Assorted beads
  • One pipe cleaner
  • Twigs

What to do:

  • Glue the smaller pom pom on top of the larger pom pom.
  • Decorate your snowman with glue and assorted beads for eyes, a nose and buttons.
  • To secure the twig arms, place a large amount of glue onto the end of each twig. Place and hold onto the pom pom until it stays in place or the hot glue has dried.
  • Create a cute pair of ear muffs for your snowman by forming a U shape in the middle of your pipe cleaner. Fit the U to your snowman’s head and roll the ends of the pipe cleaners into circles.
  • Glue the ear muffs to the top of the snowman’s head.
  • If you’re using hot glue, wait until the glue has hardened and remove all of the hot glue strings.