Happy 85th, Noble REMC!

Posted on Oct 09 2021 in Noble REMC
Noble REMC employees

It may seem strange to look backward in order to move forward, but after 85 years, there’s a lot we’ve learned from how we were founded and how we’ve served our community through the decades. It’s prepared us to continue to innovate as we move through the next few decades with new technology and changing needs.

While our 85th anniversary isn’t a milestone like 75 or 100, it’s still important to us to show our appreciation for our members and community who built us and supported us for more than eight decades. 

Built by you

Have you ever wondered why we call you a “member” rather than a “customer?”

It’s because you – or rather, people like you – created Noble REMC 85 years ago.

Rural residents took the power into their own hands when larger utilities wouldn’t provide them electricity and built their own system. They found the tools to set poles, string lines and get power to farms and homes in the most rural areas of Noble County.

Since then, we’ve grown beyond county lines, now serving six counties in our service territory. We went from “Noble County REMC” to “Noble REMC” to better represent who we are and who we serve. 

Our co-op is run by your friends and neighbors as members of our board of directors, as well as our employees, who live and work in the same community. That means we’re constantly listening to your priorities and needs and doing the best we can to provide for you.

REMC continues to innovate

The world has changed a lot since our founding in 1936. World Wars, multiple civil rights movements and revolutions, the invention of the internet (and social media) and more have dramatically changed the way we live our lives.

Noble REMC has changed right alongside our community. From expanding our service territory, to allowing online account management, to advanced metering infrastructure, we meet our members where they are.

As we continue to serve you, we’re continuing to transform.

This includes our electric vehicle pilot program, Charge Ahead, which allows those with EVs to benefit from a time-of-use rate to incentivize off-peak charging.

It also means we’re continuing to investigate and assist in the pursuit of better high-speed internet options for our most rural members, who currently have a lack of options for providers and speeds. Access to adequate internet speeds is vital to the quality of life of our members.

And it also means diversifying our portfolio with more renewable energy. Our power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Alliance, increases its investment in solar, wind and other alternative energy options each year to provide a greener footprint than the year before.

No one knows what the future may hold when it comes to technology and its reliance on electricity, but Noble REMC will be there, innovating to provide you the highest quality of life possible – just as we have for 85 years.