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Kankakee Valley REMC joins statewide ‘community day’ effort

Posted on Oct 25 2017 in Kankakee Valley REMC

As a local cooperative, our reason for existing goes beyond providing safe and reliable electricity to our members. We are also deeply rooted in the community. Throughout the year you will see us participate in activities to support and strengthen the community. Annually, your cooperative also participates in Indiana Electric Cooperatives Community Day.

On Oct. 13, your cooperative celebrated Community Day focusing on one of the cooperative principles: concern for the community. More than 50 projects were completed in a single day throughout the state by electric cooperative employees. This collectively made a positive impact in individual communities throughout the state.

Kankakee Valley REMC’s project was focused on safety. This is the third year that the cooperative has offered members a free reflective house number sign for their mailbox or fence post.

Having properly marked mailboxes assists not only our crews during power outages, but also first responders when responding to an emergency call. This project has become an annual one, allowing the employees to work through all counties served by the cooperative, until everyone has been offered a sign.

This year, our employees focused on our service area in portions of Starke, LaPorte and Porter counties. They installed 400 signs, covering 216 square miles.

“Kankakee Valley REMC employees take their responsibility as trusted members of the community seriously and are committed to being a benefit to those we serve,” said CEO, Dennis Weiss.