Goin’ goo-goo for gadgets!

Posted on Oct 01 2016 in General, Product Picks

By Ron Aiken

Most babies born these days will live to see the arrival of the 22nd century. (That’s just 84 years away.) Give them a sneak peek of all the “star-techy” marvels they’ll be growing up with with some of the latest innovations in the baby-care market.


High-Tech Peek-a-Boo

iBabyThose early baby monitors were great for simply hearing when your baby was awake and needing you. Today’s monitors tell you the nursery’s air quality, stream high-resolution video and connect to your smartphone — just for starters. The iBaby Monitor M6S has night vision and can report room temperature and humidity and provide charts to track your baby’s sleeping habits. $230.

650-396-2436; ibabylabs.com

Pocket Nanny

pocket-nanny-1When was the last time you fed your baby? Changed him? Is it time for his medication? Keeping track of changings, feedings, sleep, medication and other timely details is what Itzbeen Pocket Nanny does best. $22.

855-297-9516; itzbeen.com

Smart Potty

iPottyTrain your little tyke to read the Wall Street Journal like all future tycoons — on a mobile device while taking care of personal business. The product itself may not be high-tech — it’s a plastic potty seat with a stand for holding an iPad (sold separately). But the CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty may be just the thing for a weary parent trying to get a child excited about potty training. A touchscreen protector is included. $34.

888-280-4331; amazon.com


Motion Maker

mamarooThe mamaRoo mechanical cradle by 4moms features five distinct movements to rock your child to sleep: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave. Play one of its built-in sounds, or plug into your own MP3 player for customized entertainment. $270.

412-434-8380; 4moms.com

Smart Pajamas

Mimo Smart Baby MonitorWhile your little one sleeps, you can monitor her sleeping positions, motion, breathing and more with Mimo Smart Baby Monitor sleepwear. The monitor fits into a custom onesie and broadcasts directly to your smartphone, where you can store the information and get live audio. $199.

877-415-6466; mimo.com


Pass the Pacifier

Pacifier thermometerA pacifier is a soothing prop for a cranky baby. Why not let it double as a thermometer? Summer Infant’s Pacifier Thermometer includes a glowing fever-alert feature for quick nighttime readings, with soft beeps to let you know when the reading is complete. $12.

800-268-6237; summerinfant.com

Forehead Infrared

Infrared ThermometerAccuracy, speed and simplicity are what parents want when checking the temperature of a feverish child or even the baby’s formula. Briggs’ RediScan 1-Second Infrared Thermometer delivers a digital readout in a single second with a noncontact scan. There’s also a nighttime display setting and 10-reading memory recall. $61.

800-247-2343; briggscorp.com

Ron Aiken is a freelance writer from Columbia, South Carolina. His monthly column also appears in South Carolina Living, the statewide electric co-op magazine of the Palmetto State. Product inclusion on this page does not imply endorsement; product availability and prices are subject to change.