Giving thanks

Posted on Oct 30 2019 in Decatur County REMC
Decatur County REMC CEO Brett Abplanalp

When you think about Decatur County REMC (DCREMC), you probably associate us with the local community. And you would be right. Our leadership team and employees all live and work right here in the community we serve. But you may not realize that DCREMC is actually part of a much larger cooperative network that brings additional value, tools and knowledge that benefit you, the members of the co-op.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

When a severe weather event is predicted for our region, we call on our sister co-ops in areas unaffected by the approaching storm. Through this system of mutual aid, other co-ops bring additional trucks, equipment and manpower to our area. We work together and share resources to restore power to our community. A defining characteristic of a cooperative is “cooperation among cooperatives.” Co-ops work together to meet bigger challenges such as power restoration after a severe weather event.  

When our territory was severely damaged by the major ice storm last year, we received support from several other Indiana co-ops who were not affected by the ice storm. Without their assistance, the impact to our members would have been much more extensive. We have returned the favor by providing storm relief crews to neighboring co-ops as well as our friends down south during recent hurricanes.

Passionate People

The backbone of the cooperative network — providing strength, stability, and holding everything together — is the people. I am blessed to work with a dedicated group of talented individuals who are passionate about what they do and why they do it. It’s more than just a job for our team; it’s a way of life. They are driven to find solutions, go the extra mile and help each other. 

A recent personal experience revealed to me just how caring and dedicated this team is. I’m ashamed to tell this story, but here goes. I was driving through town recently, and I received a call from an employee. Upon my answering, the employee said, “Hey, I just passed you but you didn’t see me because you were looking at your phone.” Wow, what a wake up call! This employee cared enough about me, and about the safety standards we live for daily, to call me out. I am forever impacted and thankful by this small gesture.

November is a time for reflection and giving thanks. I am grateful for our sister co-ops who enable us to better serve you and our broader community. I am thankful for the wonderful team of people with which I have the pleasure of working. When electric co-ops and our individual teams collaborate, we strengthen each other and the communities we serve — and that is something in which to be truly thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.