Giving back and giving thanks

Posted on Oct 30 2020 in Decatur County REMC

One of our core principles as a cooperative is concern for community. Decatur County REMC takes this mission and responsibility to heart. It’s who we are as a co-op and I am thankful for that.

Over the past few months, like so many of you, we’ve risen to meet new challenges and strengthen the safety net for our community.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made numerous adjustments to programs and operations to maintain business continuity while staying focused on the bigger mission of helping our consumer-members and communities during this turbulent time. 

Now, with the holidays fast approaching, these recent events have made me pause and think about how thankful I am for the role we play in our community. While our purpose is to provide safe and reliable energy, we have a greater mission — to be a catalyst for good. 

You’re probably aware of our Operation Round Up program, where we take donations from generous members like you who have “rounded up” the amount due on their electric bills to help support projects for charitable organizations in our communities or our recent participation in a wide-spread co-op initiative supporting Feeding America, a national organization that provides dollars and food to food banks across the United States.  

We have a strong commitment to safety — not just for our employees, but for our community as well. We hold safety demonstrations for school groups, the YMCA and 4-H meetings, to teach children of all ages how to stay safe around electricity. 

You’ll also see our employees serving on local boards, coaching youth sports, volunteering for charitable organizations and serving as leaders in their churches and communities. Because when you work at a co-op, you are thankful for strong relationships and strong communities.  

While our core job is to keep the lights on, our passion is our community. I am so thankful that I live and work in a community that helps each other and cares for each other. And at Decatur County REMC, we want to make it a better place for all. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to us online, by phone, or stop by the office. My door is always open.