Fun at the fair

Posted on Aug 07 2022 in Clark County REMC
Jonathan Gladstein, third year apprentice; Dylan Coyle, JJ Montgomery, Harley Applegate, first year apprentice; and Staci Montgomery, engineering/operations specialist pose at the REMC’s bucket truck.

Jason Clemmons

Summer means different things to different families. For me, it’s about time with family, spending lazy days on the water, telling stories about the good old days, and making memories to enjoy for years to come. And here at Clark County REMC, after a few years of COVID interruptions, summer means making community connections at the 4-H fair!

In early July we joined the 2022 Scott County Fair parade and got to toss candy to hundreds of smiling children and families. That was followed up with four days at the Scott County 4-H Fair where we had hours of fun giving free bucket truck rides to kids of all ages. Some of our linemen even demonstrated what it’s like to climb a utility pole or restore power during an outage. Later in the month we got to do it all over again with a full week at the Clark County 4-H Fair, our first time back at that event in three years.

Being involved in our community is part of our DNA, and it’s what makes cooperatives like us different than so many other utilities and corporations. There’s nothing quite like putting a safety harness on a child for their bucket truck ride and watching their face shift from eager anticipation on the ground, to nervous excitement on the way into the air, to pure delight after reaching the top and seeing the whole fair from above, waiving at their proud parents below.

It’s moments like this that illustrate how I get to live by the old adage, “Find a job you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life.”