Four substations to be upgraded

Posted on Sep 02 2021 in Kankakee Valley REMC

KV REMC is focused on meeting our member-consumers’ needs today and in the future. Providing safe, reliable and affordable power will always be our highest priority. To do this requires maintaining overhead and underground power lines, poles and other infrastructure, like substations. 

To meet the growing electrical needs of our membership and area growth, often requires upgrading or building a new substation. This year your cooperative will be upgrading four of its ten substations. These include Morgan Substation located in Morgan Township/Porter County, Whispering Pines Substation located in Fish Lake/LaPorte County, Oregon Substation located east of Hamlet/Starke County and Jacob Mack Substation east of Winfield, Porter County. The upgrades will include installing larger conductors on the circuits feeding out of Jacob Mack and the replacement of the current power transformers at Morgan, Oregon and Whispering Pines with ones that have higher load capacities. While completing the work, we will do our best to minimize disruption to your electrical service. We will communicate to you if an outage is necessary for the safety of our crews. 

As we look ahead, we will continue to focus on improvements to our distribution system. In addition to the substation upgrades to increase capacity, your cooperative will be looking to implement smart grid projects to help modernize our portion of the electrical grid. This will allow us to engage in emerging technologies to move your cooperative forward.