Food fit for a queen (or king)

'Who do you think you are ... the Queen of Sheba?'

Posted on Oct 25 2018 in Indiana Eats

What started as a saucy zinger in marital arguments between John and Sharon Kurtz became their restaurant’s namesake. For nearly 30 years, Little Sheba’s has been a mainstay in the historic Depot District of Richmond on Indiana’s eastern border. The eatery is a few steps from the World’s Largest Chair and the Indiana Football Hall of Fame. 

Those who savor sandwiches will find no shortage of selections — more than 40 specialty sandwiches in all, many with names inspired by puns and wordplay. 

Among them: Dr. Jetmore’s Flame Thrower (roast beef, hot Mexican cheese and jalapeños), Kate’s Raisin Cain (hot ham and Swiss with poppy seed sauce and raisins) and, well, the one named after John — a ham, turkey and roast beef trifecta known as the John Boy’s Stupid Idiot. There’s also the Greek salad (a favorite among Sheba’s regulars) and, for the brave, the Cheese Explosion — a half-pound of beef, with bacon and American cheese … and grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches as the buns. 

Current owner Steve Terzini has kept these standbys while expanding both the menu (the 10-page behemoth includes even more entrée options) and Little Sheba’s physical footprint across Fort Wayne Avenue. The restaurant has gradually taken up the brunt of the block — adding outdoor seating and a bar known as Zini’s Place. 

Thanks to cozy touches, clever culinary creations and a commitment to preserving Richmond’s history, Little Sheba’s truly is, as their slogan says, “better than being home.”

 Nick Rogers is a communications manager with Purdue Agricultural Communications