Figuring your bill

Posted on Feb 03 2020 in Kankakee Valley REMC
Woman figuring her bill

If you would like to figure your electric bill (to compare to the one Kankakee Valley REMC sends you), here’s how: 

  • Track the kilowatt-hours you used on your meter for the month (or use the amount shown on your bill — they should be about the same).
  • Multiply your kWh by the rate shown at right in Line A. (This is the KVREMC’s residential rate; it stays the same each month.) 
  • Multiply your kWh by the power cost adjustment rate in Line B. (This is a factor KVREMC pays for power; it may vary from month to month.) 
  • Add the amounts from above to the facilities charge (Line C). (This charge is the same each month.) 
  • Add 7 percent Indiana sales tax to get your total amount due. 

Monthly Rate Schedule A (Residential) 

A. Rate (all kWh per month) — $0.09699 per kWh
B. Power cost adjustment tracking factor for February — $0.000000 per kWh
C. Facilities charge — $30 per month