Figuring your bill

Posted on Jul 30 2018 in Kankakee Valley REMC

If you would like to figure your electric bill yourself, here’s how:

  • Track the kilowatt-hours you used on your meter for the month (or use the amount shown on your bill — they should be about the same).
  • Multiply your kWh by the energy charges rate shown below in Line A. (This is the KV REMC’s residential rate; it stays the same each month.)
  • Multiply your kWh by the power cost adjustment rate in Line B. (This is a factor KV REMC pays for power; it may vary from month to month.)
  • Add those amounts to the facilities charge (Line C). (This charge is the same each month.)
  • Add 7 percent Indiana sales tax to the sum of Lines A, B and C to get your total amount due.

Monthly Rate Schedule A (Residential):

A. Energy charges…….$0.09142 per kWh

B. Power cost adjustment tracking factor for August………………$0.005572 per kWh

C. Facilities charge $30 per month