Fiber update

Posted on Dec 19 2018 in Marshall County REMC
Mark Batman

Mark Batman

One year has passed since we announced our partnership with Rochester Telephone Company (RTC) and our plan to bring fiber optic internet to rural Marshall County. Marshall County Fiber has completed the pilot project including residents in the Southfield, Forest Hills, Royal Manor and Del-Lo-Me subdivisions highlighted on the map below.

The addresses included in the Pilot Project are now eligible for fiber optic internet. We are now serving over 90 residents with dependable, reliable, high-speed internet.

Marshall County Fiber continues to develop additional phases of the build out. As the plan progresses, more information on which areas of our territory will have service and in what timeline will be forthcoming.

More information on Marshall County Fiber can be found at or call the Marshall County REMC office at 574-936-3161.