Fiber ring project expands broadband network across KV REMC service area

Posted on Apr 02 2024 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Nearly three years ago, KV REMC initiated a project to link its headquarters and substations with a fiber ring, uncovering an opportunity to propel communities into the digital age. The fiber ring project, nearing completion, presents a chance for Surf Internet and other providers to collaborate in designing a fiber-optic broadband network across the KV REMC service area.

Recognizing the expense and time required to bring broadband to rural communities, Surf CEO Gene Cruise emphasizes the importance of community voices and encourages residents to apply to the Indiana Connectivity Program (ICP). This statewide initiative assists in connecting underserved areas by facilitating collaboration between residents, service providers, and the state.

With the KV REMC fiber ring project, Surf is strategically leveraging available funding mechanisms, including using electrical system poles offered by KV REMC. The focus is connecting as many rural residents as possible, with Surf identifying homes for private funding and encouraging ICP applications for those in more expensive-to-reach areas.

Surf’s proactive approach involves comparing potential fiber-optic routes with grant databases, engaging with local officials for funding opportunities, and urging residents in underserved areas to apply to the ICP through Together, KV REMC and Surf Internet aim to bridge the digital divide and bring transformative high-speed internet to rural communities.