Fiber from start to finish: connection steps explained

Posted on Mar 03 2023 in Heartland REMC

By now you’ve heard about fast, reliable fiber internet from TWN Communications. Ever wonder what it takes to go from first learning about it to officially being connected? 

Building the fiber network and bringing fiber-to-the-home involves several steps. Read on to discover how the connection process works and for an estimated timeline of when you can expect service. Please note that this timeline may be affected by your specific location, weather, material availability, etc.

Step 1: Network construction

We have to build the network backbone prior to running fiber lines to your property. 

First, T4 fiber lines must be installed. These are usually in the air and run parallel to co-op utility lines. T4 fiber is miles and miles long and creates a ring to connect Optical Distribution Networks (ODNs).

Next, crews must continue building the network foundation. This involves distributing, hanging, burying and connecting aerial and underground fiber lines to establish a physical point-to-point internet connection that can transmit data at fast speeds. 

Once the network backbone is complete, crews are ready for T1 drops, which is where fiber lines are run to individual properties.

Fiber lines installed -- Heartland
T4 fiber lines are installed in the air parallel to co-op utility lines. 

Step 2: Sign the underground agreement

While TWN crews are busy building the foundation, it’s important that you sign the Underground Agreement! 

Signing the Underground Agreement is the starting point for initiating fiber internet connectivity. It does not obligate you to sign up for service, but rather gives TWN permission to visit your property to prepare your home for fiber internet service in advance of network availability. You can sign the Underground Agreement today at or by calling 833-727-5563.

Step 3: Fiber placement marking

After you have expressed your interest in fiber internet by signing the Underground Agreement, field crews will visit your property to mark the proposed fiber line route. 

These markings help construction crews determine the path your fiber will take and how much will be needed for your home. If the proposed route does not work for you or interferes with any buried structures, please call 833-727-5563 immediately to have it changed.

Step 4: Fiber line bury

Three to six months (sometimes sooner) after fiber path confirmation, crews will arrive at your property to bury the fiber line to your home. You do not need to be present for this step to be completed. Crews will be sure to restore your property to its original state after burying your line. 

Step 5: Outside equipment placed

One week to two months after your fiber line is buried, a specialized crew will return to your property and will place a small box, called a Network Interface Device, or NID, on the outside of your home, typically near your electrical meter. This box will hold the fiber connection. 

While you don’t need to be home for this step, you do need to provide free and clear access to the box mounting location.

Step 6: Select your plan 

Approximately two weeks after the outside equipment is placed, TWN will contact you to schedule your indoor home installation. At this time, you will also select your internet plan based on your household’s needs. 

From the light surfer to the fully connected family, TWN has a variety of plans to choose from. With residential speeds from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps*, your perfect plan is waiting. Visit to see what plans are available at your address today. 

Step 7: Home installation

The final step in the connection process is the home installation. During this step, a technician will run a fiber cable inside your house and connect it to another small box located near your Wi-Fi router known as the Optical Network Terminal, or ONT. When the ONT is hooked up to your Wi-Fi router, you are officially connected!

Bringing fiber-to-the-home is a process. It’s hard to wait, but with a little patience, you’ll be enjoying the fastest, most reliable internet in town.

Get fiber-ready today! Visit or call 833-727-5563 to learn more and sign the Underground Agreement. 

Technician installing fiber
A technician runs a fiber cable inside a house.

*Services provided by TWN Communications. Not available in all areas. Restrictions, terms and conditions apply. Learn more at Taxes, regulatory, surcharges and other charges are applicable. Internet service: Customers on qualifying internet plans will receive download/upload speeds of 25.0 Mbps to 1.0 Gbps, per respective plan. A 30-day notice is required to cancel service. A one-time line connection fee of $199.99 may be applicable for internet service. This non-refundable fee will be applied after network construction has been completed in your area.