February 2018 Product Picks

Move up to the majors

Posted on Jan 26 2018 in Product Picks

Major League Baseball’s spring training begins later this month (and not a moment too soon for those tired of this cold winter). It seems every season, players use new technology to enhance their skills. Same is true with major appliances. They get smarter each year to do more than ever before.

Keep your cool

Frozen fridge gawkers! They stand there, door open, cold air escaping, deciding on the perfect snack. Retrain them with an LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator. They just knock twice on the glass panel to see what’s inside without opening a door. $4,500.

800-243-0000; lg.com

Think small

Need just an item washed but don’t have a full load? With the LG Sidekick, you can do tiny loads without feeling wasteful. The Sidekick operates as its own mini-washer and serves as a base for a full-size LG front-loader. $657.

888-237-8289; bestbuy.com


Dishwashers are big time savers — but not if you have to wash off every speck of food before you load the dishes. With 140 jets, the GE Monogram Dishwasher delivers a deep clean and has a third rack just for silverware. $2,000.

866-626-2000; monogram.com

Speedy supper

Get dinner in a flash with a Panasonic Countertop Oven & Indoor Grill with Induction Technology. This oven grills, broils, bakes, toasts and cooks one-pan meals using double-infrared and induction technology. $399.

888-280-4331; amazon.com

Double duty

Every cook has been there — one dish cooks at 350 F; another at 425. You can serve both dishes hot out of the oven with the Samsung Flex Duo Range, a single oven that turns into a double oven when you need one. $2,777.

800-726-7864; samsung.com

In command

You’re in the middle of shopping and can’t remember if you’re out of milk. The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator lets you peek inside wherever you are. This fridge also lets you coordinate schedules, make lists and play music. $3,332 and up.

800-726-7864; samsung.com