Faster speed and protection with our broadband internet

Posted on Oct 01 2022 in LaGrange County REMC

LaGrange County REMC’s Spark Broadband offers more than just super fast internet speeds. It also offers ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ for added control and protection.

ExperienceIQ offers additional functionality to help manage access to the internet within your home. Consider it advanced parental control. You can restrict access to specific content by selecting age appropriate levels or by restricting mature material. You can manually block or allow access to specific websites just by entering them into the app. With ExperienceIQ, you can also prioritize traffic and devices on the network.

Parental controls work while devices are connected to WI-FI.

ProtectIQ Network Security will work quietly in the background on your GigaSpire to provide an extra layer of protection against malicious traffic.   

Data coming into your network will be scanned for viruses and other malicious content, and you will receive a notification if content was blocked for some reason. This will show as a notification within the ProtectIQ main menu item in your app. 

No action is needed when you receive an alert. These threats are automatically blocked from entering your network. It offers a great peace of mind when browsing new sites or entering contact information.

Both of these add-ons can be purchased with your broadband package. They are included in our SparkGig package!