Enjoying the ’View

Posted on Mar 26 2019 in LaGrange County REMC
From left, LaGrange County REMC Energy Advisor Jake Taylor, Westview School Corporation’s Brian Bills, Meadowview Elementary School Principal Toni Whitney and LaGrange County REMC Communications and Marketing Manager Kevin Dreibelbis pose with a POWER MOVES rebate check totaling $51,500.

Most people know upgrading your lighting fixtures to LEDs is a simple way to become more energy efficient. When it’s done throughout an entire elementary school, not to mention the largest in the district, it adds up to a lot of future savings, as well as an immediate cash rebate.

Meadowview Elementary School, part of Westview School Corporation and a member of LaGrange County REMC, recently received more than $50,000 in POWER MOVES® rebates for the installation of LEDs throughout the school’s campus, as well as the addition of variable-frequency drives.

But the new lighting doesn’t just benefit the school’s budget, it helps students’ education.

Brian Bills, director of transportation, buildings and grounds for the school corporation, said while energy savings was one push behind the upgrades, an even more important catalyst was the improvement it would make in students’ and staff members’ school day.

“LEDs are shown to improve the learning environment for both students and staff,” said Bills. “They’re more soothing and therapeutic and improve learning overall.”

The school’s contractor reached out to the cooperative in the early fall of last year to look at programs and options for the upgrades. When Bills learned about the POWER MOVES program, he expected cash back. But, he was surprised at just how large the rebate became.

“For any organization looking to do a similar project, I would say contact the REMC at the beginning,” Bills said. “We could have saved even more if we had.”

LaGrange County REMC Energy Advisor Jake Taylor couldn’t agree more. He emphasizes the importance of project contractors getting in touch with the cooperative as soon as possible so the rebate process runs smoothly and members receive the best advice and incentives possible.

“Many times, the contractors are aware that incentives exist but are so focused on their clients that they aren’t able to take the time to understand the specifics of the rebate programs,” Taylor said. “It’s important to involve the energy advisor at the beginning of the project to make sure the members can maximize the incentive and make the process easier.”

Bills said the reaction from staff and students has been extremely positive, with a lot of audible reactions when they first walked into the school after the upgrades.

If you’d like your business, farm or residence to benefit from similar incentives and are planning upgrades or new construction, call Taylor first so LaGrange County REMC can get you the best return on your investment.