Engagement Matters


Posted on Nov 08 2023 in Noble REMC
President and CEO

For most people, their electricity provider is just the company that keeps the lights on. But an electric cooperative’s relationship with its members is different.

Since Noble REMC was founded in 1936, electric cooperatives have succeeded because our members stay politically engaged. Today, that engagement is more important than ever. Electric cooperatives continue to be well positioned to create a bright future for the communities we serve by engaging in political activity.

Politics can be a touchy subject these days, but electric cooperatives were borne out of the political process. Unlike other electric companies, the members of Noble REMC have the right and responsibility to democratically elect our board of directors. Just like other elected officials, those directors are responsible for promoting the interests of the members they serve.

We advocate for rural Hoosiers, like you, to maintain and improve the quality of life in our communities and continue providing safe, reliable and affordable energy. Important policies are advanced every year because electric cooperatives stand up and speak out.

Noble REMC and our fellow coops need your help in the process, too. Indiana’s electric cooperatives thrive when our members stay politically engaged and advocate for policies that help us best serve our consumers.

How can you do this? It all starts with grassroots advocacy. In the context of the electric cooperative program, “grassroots” is a powerful word.

For us, grassroots advocacy happens when directors, employees and you, the members, take an active role in the political process to protect our cooperative from harmful legislation and regulation, while also promoting the value of cooperative ownership to our legislators.

By becoming a grassroots advocate, you will be informed about legislative and political utility matters at both the state and federal levels. You will receive updates through email or text alerts, including educational resources, surveys and opportunities for active participation. As a grassroots advocate, you will be on the front lines of keeping rural Hoosiers’ voices unified, loud and strong.

Visit action.indianaec.org to sign up to become a grassroots advocate for Noble REMC and Indiana’s electric cooperatives.

Together, we have a strong voice. Let’s use it to improve rural communities across Indiana.