Energy Savings Sealed with a Test

Free REMC audit program helps consumers save energy

Posted on Nov 29 2018 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Kankakee Valley REMC energy advisor Darrell Marks conducts a blower door test that measures a home’s air leakage. Below, Marks fills out a checklist while looking over a consumer’s attic.

Mary Ann and John Crayton love their house in Valparaiso, which was constructed in 1959. Like most Kankakee Valley REMC members, they want to save money, but they’re also concerned about the impact their energy use has on the environment. When the Craytons learned the REMC offers a free energy assessment, they saw it as a great opportunity to address both goals. They weren’t expecting their home to become more comfortable, too.

Energy Advisor Darrell Marks visited the Craytons and asked them questions about their home and their energy use. “He’s not just a technician,” explains Mary Ann. “Darrell is very educated about all aspects of energy saving and the way houses are built. We learned many things about our house that we weren’t aware of.” Darrell used specialized equipment to test the home and identify issues such as air leaks, she recalls. “He left us with wonderful written material, and after studying it, I think I could pass a test on energy efficiency!”

The Craytons took Darrell’s recommendations to heart. They sealed and insulated around some doors and other openings and even replaced some windows and doors. They installed a programmable thermostat and added insulation in the attic. “The change that made the biggest difference was insulating the ceiling of our garage, which is under the living room,” Mary Ann says. “We didn’t realize how much heat we were losing. It made an enormous difference. Our house is no longer drafty, and the temperature stays constant.”

“Most people like their homes, but there’s an area or two that frustrates them,” explains Darrell. “Often, there’s a simple explanation behind the problem they’re having, and I enjoy finding those, so they can get more comfort and lower their energy costs.”

“We were amazed to learn the REMC offered such a wonderful service,” adds Mary Ann, “and we couldn’t believe it’s free!”

Interested in finding the possible lost comfort in your home? Call your cooperative and ask to speak to the energy advisor. Home energy assessments are free to our members and just one more way we empower you to save energy without sacrificing comfort.