Employee Spotlight: Jerrod Devers

Posted on Nov 29 2018 in Decatur County REMC

Jerrod Devers is the resident IT guru at Decatur County REMC. He’s the guy that keeps the place running! Devers joined Decatur County REMC in 2016 and serves as network administrator, managing all technology infrastructure at DCREMC.

Devers is a graduate of Greensburg Community High School. He continued his education at Purdue University where he obtained a degree in computer and information technology.

Working for a cooperative is different than working for a for-profit company. Devers values the collaborative environment that defines co-ops. He appreciates being able to leverage the large network of expertise among cooperatives. He has a passion for problem solving and collaborating with other REMCs to develop unique solutions to technology opportunities. Devers enjoys knowing that his work adds tangible value to the service DCREMC provides to its members.

Devers and his wife, Arden, have two children, Oliver and Murren. When he’s not tinkering on computers or working on home improvement projects, Devers enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, and fishing.