Electrical safety warning for Pokémon Go players

Posted on Jul 22 2016 in General

pokemon webIndiana’s electric cooperatives and other utilities are reminding players of Pokémon Go to stay away from electric substations, power plants and other electric equipment. The new smartphone-based augmented reality game sends players to real world places to “catch” Pokémon.

Pokémon turn up everywhere — from grocery stores to hospitals. But they’re also appearing at electric substations, drawing players into dangerous situations.

Electric utilities cannot control where the Pokémon appear, and players should make sure they catch their Pokémon from a safe distance. Any game or activity that distracts people from the possible dangers around them and potentially brings them in proximity to our electric equipment and lines is a major concern for all utilities.

Remember these important electrical safety tips as you try to #CatchEmAll:

  • Never touch electric equipment, including transformers and power lines.
  • Never touch a downed power line. Assume all lines are energized and dangerous.
  • Never climb utility poles.
  • Never enter an electric substation.
  • Never climb a tree that has power lines running through or near its branches.