Electric water heaters beat out competition

Posted on Jul 25 2017 in Harrison REMC

Bob Geswein

Your hot water energy dollars could be going down the drain if you’ve been using the same water heater for more than 12 years. Let us help with a $400 rebate on the purchase of a new, energy-efficient electric water heater that’s a champion in savings, beating out the natural gas and propane competition!

Water heating makes up about 15 percent of the typical home’s energy use. The good news is that today’s new ENERGY STAR electric heat pump water heaters are more efficient than ever. This means more savings for you.

Energy Advisor Bob Geswein suggests replacing a standard electric water heater with a heat pump water heater.

When selecting a water heater, the type you choose affects your water heating costs. All energy-efficient water heaters should have the yellow Energy Guide label on them. This goes for electric, gas or propane water heaters. However, when comparing these three models, the electric water heater comes out on top for a number of reasons.

A heat pump water heater delivers a knockout punch to the competition in the area of operating cost. It operates at less than half the cost of a natural gas water heater and a quarter the cost of a propane contender. Electric water heaters also beat out competitors in these areas:

Less expensive to purchase with a $400 rebate from your cooperative.

  • They are easier to install. They don’t require at least 6-18” of ventilation around all sides and can be installed in more confined spaces.
  • They are safer than gas water heaters, which have fuel that could leak or explode, as well as combustible byproducts. Also, there is no pilot light to relight with an electric model.
  • They can last longer because they use fewer parts, and these parts are exposed to less heat.
  • They operate more efficiently because they do not lose heat through venting, as gas water heaters do.

Purchasing a water heater is an investment in your family’s comfort. You can score savings now and on future energy bills. The savings you’ll reap in energy costs make it possible for a model like this to pay for itself in less than three years.
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