Election to occur at DMREMC

Posted on Feb 20 2024 in Daviess-Martin County REMC

The Directors for the following three districts will be elected as a part of the 2024 “Virtual” Annual Meeting Agenda:

DISTRICT 2: Daviess County (Van Buren and Barr townships)

DISTRICT 5: Martin County (Perry and Center townships)

DISTRICT 7: Lawrence County (Marion and Spice Valley townships)

Incumbent directors seeking reelection include Amy Burris from District 2, Travis Summers from District 5, and John Edwards from District 7. Directors will be elected for three-year terms.

Any member who resides in these Districts and is interested in becoming a director-candidate must complete and submit a petition for nomination by Feb. 12, 2024. Please contact the REMC office if you have questions regarding the election process or need any information.