Election committee selects board candidates

Posted on Jun 04 2022 in Heartland REMC

One of the most important parts of Heartland REMC’s Annual Meeting will be the election of directors to serve a three-year term on the board. This year, there are elections for five board districts – including districts 3, 6, 32, 33 and 34.

As with other electric co-ops, Heartland REMC members have the right to choose board members who in turn are charged with making major decisions about the direction of the co-op.

Under the co-op’s bylaws, each director is responsible to appoint one member of the election committee from their respective district. The election committee met April 19, 2022, to review and approve the petitions of candidates seeking election to the board.

The nominating committee reviewed and verified each candidate’s petition. Five petitions were approved. The candidates are:

Alan Amick
District 3

Ted Martz
District 6

Robert Hippensteel
District 32

Jason Dawes
District 33

Laura Cole
District 34

Members registered at the annual meeting will vote for the director candidate of their choice. Directors elected at the annual meeting will guide the cooperative for the next three years. All Heartland REMC members are encouraged to exercise their right to vote by attending the annual meeting on June 25.  

Members of the Election Committee are:

Chris Gibson, District 3

Ryan Carroll, District 4

Zack Krinn, District 6

Skip Smalling, District 7

Dennis Wiles, District 8

Todd Williams, District 10

Tim Engle, District 11

Austin Greer, District 31

Joe Vogel, District 32

Adam Renbarger, District 33

Jane Swanquist, District 34

Amanda Boggs, District 35