Earn the Save

Embrace these options to lower your energy use and improve your comfort

As any good baseball team brings in a new pitcher in crunch time to close out the game, you also can make upgrades to your home to improve its energy performance when and where it counts to earn the save! Many options are available that can improve your home’s comfort while reducing long-term energy use (and costs!). Some options to make the energy save include:

LEDs: If you haven’t made the switch from traditional lightbulbs to LEDs, you may very well be wasting money on energy costs. LED lightbulbs have a longer lifespan and use only a fraction of the energy required by incandescent bulbs. LEDs have been around for several years – to the point that they are increasingly affordable. This is a step almost everyone can take to reduce their energy use – and save money on their long-term energy costs. Don’t balk at a slightly more expensive LED bulb! They’re a steal in the long run!

ENERGY STAR®:If you are considering an appliance upgrade, seek out those with an ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR-certified appliances and products meet certain energy efficiency standards and will use less energy over the appliance’s lifecycle, reducing your home’s energy use. These products use less energy than other products available on the market – and very frequently older appliances in existing houses. Look for the ENERGY STAR when you look for your next refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer, or TV.

Air Sealing: You may be surprised how much the invisible troublesome spots in your house can cost you! Crevices, gaps, and holes in your house can lead to warm air escaping in the winter and chilled air leaving in the summer. This causes your heating and cooling system to labor more than needed – which costs you money! Properly sealing gaps in your home can help keep treated air in the house and maintain your comfort during extreme outdoor temperatures.

Insulation: Once you have properly sealed you home, you should consider checking your home’s insulation levels. ENERGY STAR reports that homeowners can save up to 10 percent on their annual energy bills by properly sealing air leaks and adding insulation. Adding insulation to the proper levels in your attic can increase your home’s comfort by ensuring that the summer heat stays outside and the winter cold doesn’t drain the heat from your home.  

As technology improves, more energy efficient options will be available to give you more choices on ways that you can save energy. Fortunately, your local electric cooperative also offers Power Moves® rebates for even more energy efficiency upgrades to your home or business that can improve comfort while reducing long-term energy costs. For more energy saving tips and information on the rebates that are available, visit www.PowerMoves.com. Lower your Energy Required for Appliances (the ERA for electricity) and earn the energy save today!