Earn $50 for enrolling in Wi-Fi thermostat program

Posted on Jan 31 2023 in Boone REMC

Do you have a Wi-Fi thermostat or are you considering purchasing one? You could earn $50 for enrolling in our new demand response program, and a yearly $25 incentive for participating! 

When summer temperatures climb, demand for electricity increases and can cause strain on the grid. 

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The PowerShift program is designed to help reduce energy use during times of high energy demand. This decreases the use of less efficient and more expensive power sources. That’s good for the environment, and it helps keep energy costs low for everyone.

Participants agree to brief adjustments of 4 degrees Fahrenheit or less to their thermostats during peak electric demand periods from June 1 through Sept. 30. 

Adjustments to your thermostat typically last no more than four hours and will occur on non-holiday weekdays or for no longer than three consecutive days, except in the event of a system emergency. 

Thermostat events may include up to 3 degrees of pre-cooling leading up to an event.

Participants will receive a one-time $50 check from Boone REMC after successfully enrolling in the program. In addition, participants will receive $25 at the end of the summer season for participating.

You can learn more and sign up for the PowerShift program at enrollmythermostat.com/powershift

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi thermostat yet but are thinking about getting one, be sure to check out the details of our Power Moves rebate program. 

Our members can earn a $45 rebate on select models that replace non-Wi-Fi thermostats.

Learn more at bremc.com/resources/energy-saving/rebates.