Down by the river

The Overlook Restaurant — Leavenworth, Indiana

Posted on Sep 22 2017 in Indiana Eats

A culinary institution since it opened in 1948, the Overlook Restaurant hugs the banks of the Ohio River near Leavenworth, Indiana. Its prime location, which offers a 20-mile panoramic view of the river, undeniably attracts clientele from near and far. Once there, no one leaves hungry after enjoying Overlook favorites like fried chicken, apple-topped pork chops, shrimp and scallop skewers and chicken cordon bleu.

And, a visit wouldn’t be complete without a slice of one of the restaurant’s specialties -— coconut pie crowned with a towering layer of merengue!

Take a drive down by the river and stop by the Overlook for great food and a priceless view.