Don’t tamper with your electric meter

Posted on Dec 02 2022 in Harrison REMC

A meter tamper occurs when an individual — other than an REMC employee — pulls a meter from the meter base socket.  

The dangers of pulling a meter without proper training include arc flash burns, electrocution, public safety hazard, damage to home appliances/AC system/electronics, and even death. 

A meter tamper is not only very dangerous, but it is against Harrison REMC policy and therefore requires a “meter tamper” fee to be put on the affected member’s account.

The Harrison REMC meter will automatically send notification of a meter tamper to Harrison REMC dispatch (during business hours) or Harrison REMC after-hours answering service (after business hours) the moment a meter is pulled.  

If a member or member contractor requires the meter to be pulled, please contact the office at 812-738-4115.

Meter tampering can result in electric shock, is illegal and increases electricity rates for other co-op members.

Never break a meter seal.

Never open a meter base.

Never remove a meter or alter an entrance cable in any manner.

If you know or suspect that someone has tampered with his/her meter, please contact us.